Welcome to
We Are Makers Productions

We Are Makers Productions is our home base for everything we do.

We are artists, we are musicians, we are photographers, videographers, producers, engineers, graphic designers, and upward dreamers.

We have blogs, podcasts, music videos, and webisodes. We have advice on what to eat and who to sleep with, and sometimes the other way around.

We have a unique perspective on life, the world, and the universe and want to take you on the journey with us.

We are here to help teach what we know about music, our passions, and our skills.
How to have a happy and healthy relationship/sex life, and live your authentic self outside of societal norms.

Us as Indivuals

Chelsea has been a referred to as one who wears many hats. She is a Photographer, Intuitive Healing Practitioner, Singer, Story Teller, Sou Chef, Comedian, Activist, Artist and Illustrator.

Ryan is also a creative hat wearer. He is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Performer, Actor, Composer, Recording/Mixing Engineer, Producer, Videographer, Lighting Tech, Comedy Writer, EXTREME Nerd, & Cat Dad.


We Are Makers

We Are Makers consists of us,  Chelsea and Ryan Maker, a married couple who enjoys singing sappy acoustic love songs while gazing into each others eyes and making the entire room feel uncomfortable.

 Or jealous. Let’s go with jealous. 

Janice, the local elderly bar fly, once called them, “so cute you wanna puke”, amongst a slurry of swear words. She was pretty drunk. It was noon. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to see these two live and experience the discomfort of their unquenchable lust love for each other.